Clean Room, Dry Room & Cold Storage Construction Contractors

A view down a hallway of a finished clean room installationUnified is a leader in the construction of controlled environmental (Clean room, Dry room, and Cold Storage) solutions. We offer an integrated approach by providing all of the services and products necessary to deliver leading-edge controlled environments to our customers. Unified is uniquely qualified to take your project from the earliest planning stages through facility start-up. Unified has the knowledge and experience to provide controlled environments that have excellent maintenance reliability, energy efficiency, and overall value in a facility.

Unified has been committed to employing the most advanced technologies in clean room and dry room design since 1998. Today, Unified continues to earn its reputation for designing, building and maintaining high-performance lithium battery dry rooms that exceed industry standards.

Designed to provide room humidity at very low dew points, our dry rooms use the latest technology to control and monitor humidity levels, while our fire-retardant room construction and optional fire-rated insulated room enclosures ensure safety.

We offer a full range of engineering specialties, allowing us to deliver custom dry room installations that meet our clients’ needs with guaranteed price and performance.  In addition we provide:

  • Innovative, cost-effective design expertiseImage of a clean room constructed by Unified
  • Single-source accountability – all our work is performed by our own trained employees
  • Guaranteed relative humidity
  • Fast-track design and construction services
  • Ongoing support

Unified specializes in the following areas:

  • Microelectronics/Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical clean rooms
  • Biotech clean rooms
  • Medical Device clean rooms
  • and Food Processing Industries

Following are some of the services we provide:

Clean Room and Dry Room Design, Construction & Installation

Unified is constructing a large dry room with over 600,000 sf of panels

  • Full Service Installation Company with 15 years’ experience
  • Expertise in the integration of modular clean room systems from a variety of leading manufacturers
  • Perform clean room retrofits and clean room renovation projects
  • Class 1 through Class 100,000 experience
  • Proficient in the installation of all clean room products and components
  • Defined safety process and a proven safety record

Clean Room and Dry Room products

  • Modular Walls, Windows, Doors, Pass Thrus, and GrillsUnified is experienced the installation of clean room products.  Here we see a clean room sink.
  • Ceiling systems, Plenum Modules, and Diffusers
  • HEPA Air Purifiers and Housings
  • Air Showers and Clean Curtains
  • Raised Access Floors
  • Clean room and Dry room Certification

Cold Storage Construction

  • Full service low temperature constructionCold storage warehouse constructed by Unified
  • Integrated floor-to-ceiling thermal envelope
  • New Construction and tenant improvement
  • Additions and Expansions
  • Small coolers to very large warehouses
  • Heated floor systems
  • USDA Approved products

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